Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I went in last Wednesday for my 20 week appointment and got the testing done for down syndrome and all of that. I got my results today and everything is NORMAL!!!! I am very relieved! We got the baby measured and everything is right on track:) They told us she is for sure a girl so Jas FINALLY believes it. NERD! She is growing like crazy and I can feel her kick me now. She was being stubborn during the ultrasound trying to get all her parts measured, so she already is taking after her daddy! :)


  1. how cute!! i want to see some ultrasound pics missy!! i felt soooo relieved after getting lilahs testing back as well! its just is a big sigh of relief! enjoy those soft little kicks now because in a few months when she is kicking your organs so hard you jump you will wish you could just have the soft little ones back lol!

  2. That was my favorite part about being pregnant was feeling her kick! Enjoy it you will miss it.