Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Docs N stuff

I went in for my glucose test on the 29th of May and got put on bed rest due to high blood pressure, and what my hubby likes to call cankles:) I went in a week later and got the ok to go back to work Part time... It is so nice being back! I still have those lovely cankles and I am trying to take care of my self and Oakley. My glucose test looked great which is a relief! I always stress about all of that stuff:) I keep counting down the days and I think there is roughly 64 left! I can't believe it! I started experiencing contractions, hot flashes, being way uncomfortable this past week and I honestly love it. It sounds weird, but I really like being pregnant(even with my sexy cankles) I am getting closer to getting her room all finished and then we get to play the wait game. I really can't wait to have her here! :)


  1. when i had Delilah my mom had to remind me that by the time she was 26 she had 2 kids (and unfortunately 3 miscarriages)its so crazy to think about having more than one child right now! or ever for that fact lol! i cant wait until oakley is here :) she and lilah will be best of friends!!

  2. We are glad to have you back! I like you pregnant too, you are much more fiesty! ha ha

  3. I'm glad you are back and everything is okay. I can't wait to meet Oakley! I'm excited for your shower next week.