Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet our new puppy

Oakley is so full of it these days! She is into everything and is so much fun! The other day I found her in the kennel with Karra just sitting there having a conversation. Now Oak thinks its her little "hideout" so I had to take a picture of our new "puppy" :)

She is obsessed with corn on the cob also. She is trying to be brave and is starting to let go of the furniture while standing, so I am sure it is just a matter of time before she takes off! The past 11 months have seriously flown by and I honestly can't believe my baby will be ONE is a few weeks!


  1. Ha ha ha she is so cute! We need to get Harper and Oakley together for a play date at the park or something. I can't believe she is almost 1!

  2. So adorable, time really does fly by huh? Its hard to imagine your life w/o them now! Coast LOVES corn on the cob, he will eat every last kernel, so we eat a lot of it!! Oakley is so cute, I love the age that she is at, so fun...