Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mom* Moving* Easter

Oakley FINALLY said MOM!!!! Hooray! I am a very proud mama:) It is my favorite thing to hear. Funny story... Jas and I went away for our Anniversary on Saturday and when I walked in the door on Sunday, Oakley was sitting on the floor and she looked up and started clapping and yelled "DADA" (I think she has us a little mixed up) She is honestly so much fun right now and this personality she has developed is so funny. We love her to pieces.
On a different note, Jas and I found a new place to move in to and we are so excited! I will post pictures as soon as we get the move over with and everything all set up. That is about all of the updates for us right now. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter:)


  1. That is amazing she said Mom!!!

  2. Funny! Coast always called me Dada, up until about 5 months ago or so.. Now he talks up a storm and I cant get him to be quiet! Its funny because out of nowhere one day he decided that he could say every and any word out there, and its clear as day, almost sentences even! I love the age that Oakley is at, my favorite! Congrats on the new place, cant wait to see it...

  3. Awww! That is so awesome! I need to see her again!!!