Monday, March 21, 2011


Woo Hoo!!! Jas graduates on May 6, 2011!!!! I am so freaking excited to see him! There will be A LOT of firsts for me, so anyone who has any advice let me know!
-flying ALONE with a toddler
-going to Chicago
-Renting a car
-Making my way from the airport to my hotel(this will be fun since I am horrible with directions)
-Making it on time to the base for graduation w a toddler (starts at 8:00am and you have to be there at least an hour in advance bc of lines)
-Keeping Miss Oak entertained during graduation
I am sure things will go well and I am just being paranoid. I am REALLY so excited to go see Jason though!


  1. That is so cool that you know the date already! :) I'm so excited for you! Now you need to make a paper-chain count-down til then. :)

  2. How exciting! I am sure it is nice to have a date to look forward to and it is going to come up SO fast!
    And things will go great.
    We took Jason on his first plane ride when he was 2 1/2. It was much easier thanI thought it was going to be! He was so interested in the planes while we waited and on the plane just take lots of snacks, and anything she really likes (coloring stuff, books, DVD's, etc).
    And renting a car is cake. Just look online for the best price and reserve online. Once you get there go to the counter and thats all there is to it. As far as getting around, don't you have GPS on your phone? I am dependent upon mine when we go out of town :)
    Does Oak take naps still? If so, skip the nap the day before and then put her to bed WAY early. This will probably help her get up earlier for the graduation. And again, lots of snack snad toys to keep her entertained during the graduation!
    I am so excited for you, but am going to miss you too!!!!

  3. Mollie- What is your e-mail? I wanted to talk about a play date!!!

    So... When Harper and I fly, I pack a bag with new things (books, little toys, treats, candy) and she loves it. Last time I packed a mini magnadoodle and she was crazy about it. I also keep her awake all through the airport and she normally falls asleep once we are on the plane.

  4. Thanks for the advice everyone!!!
    Abby, it is :)