Thursday, March 10, 2011

He is gone:(

Jas is officially in Great Lakes Illinois. For some reason I thought that Boot Camp would be easy for me to adjust to. It has been 24 hours since he left and I am having a really hard time! He called me yesterday to let me know he made it and this is how the conversation went...
Jason: Hello Mollie
Me: Hi
Jason: I am calling to tell you that you will be getting another call in 3 weeks and a package in 2 weeks
Me: Okay that sounds great, are you ok?
Jason: I have to go, love you and goodbye....
Before I could even say I love you back and bye he was gone!!!! What the heck?! That call was hard on me not only because I am sure he had someone above him in rank standing right next to him while he made it monitoring how long he talked for, or because he sounded like a robot, or because it was SO short.
Ahhhh 9 weeks before I get to see him. I know I sound like a big baby, but I really miss him. I am extremely proud of him for doing this and for giving our family this new adventure to go on.
I know Oakley misses him like crazy. Luckily we moved in with my parents so she is enjoying all the Grandma and Grandpa time. She adores them. She is also having a hard time because we had to have our dog go live with Jason's cousin for this 9 weeks. Oakley loves her dog.
Hopefully we will settle into a routine in the next week or two so things will be easier.
Hope all is great with everyone!


  1. We should get Harper and Oakley together for a play date to get your mind off missing the hubby!

  2. Hey Mollie- I'm so sorry that you're having a hard time! As I prepared for Greg to leave everyone told me that basic goes by quick and that you'll see him before you know it. I hope its true. Best of luck and let me know what I can do1